Sc2 Protoss Strategy

Sc2 Protoss Strategy

In the following paragraphs become familiar with two methods to make use of while playing because the Protoss race in Sc2. The Protoss is easily the most technologically advanced race in Sc2. By mixing a few of the models in the Protoss race you may make probably the most effective military in the overall game. You will find very few things more terrifying that the number of void sun rays and service providers with support from the mother ship. Here is the Sc2 Protoss strategy generally utilized by the main rated online player, plus yet another that many people use.

Quick Colossus

After some time playing because the Protoss, you can easily observe that you will find very few models more devastating compared to colossus. The colossus will wipe the ground with nearly any ground unit. The very best strategy involves utilizing a zealot wall to bar incoming hostiles together with some stalkers and sentries, using the colossus remaining back and taking advantage of the laser to eliminate anything around the corner. After some micro, you can easily squeeze colossus from harms way, while still imposing maximum damage.

Cannon Hurry

Another extremely effective Protoss technique is the cannon hurry. This process is only going to prevent someone playing because the Protoss or Terran. Zerg gamers will easily defeat any cannons you’ve with Zerglings. The important thing here is to buy your pylons up rapidly so that you can advance using the cannons in to the enemy base. Two cannons will certainly be needed, as you will undoubtedly be defeated through the enemy harvester. You should use small zealot rushes while focusing on this to help keep the enemy from your cannons.

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