Has Sporting Festivities Gone Too Much?

Has Sporting Festivities Gone Too Much?

It’s the center of the 2nd quarter, within the opposing teams 20 yard line. Aaron Brooks throws a strike to Joe Horn for his second touchdown of the overall game. But rather than giving the ball towards the ref and running to the sideline, Joe runs to the aim publish, lifts in the pad and pulls out a mobile phone! Horn dials his home telephone number and calls his boy. That decision might have been probably the most costly call of Horn’s existence.

“I’d told my children to become in your own home, watching the overall game, and that i told my momma, Mother, basically score the second, I am getting my mobile phone out.” Joe stated. However the National football league did not view it like a joke and penalized Horn $15,000 for exclusive honoring. Horn stated he was sorry, but later stated it had been all worthwhile.

An identical incident arrived a game title this past year between your San Fransico 49ers and also the Dallas Seahawks. Terrell Owens had his second touchdown grab after which did the unthinkable he drawn a sharpie from his sock, signed the ball, and gave it to some nearby fan. T.O. stated it had been all in taste however the National football league penalized him $5000. The overall game was on Monday evening therefore the whole nation was watching which was as he made the decision to create his mark. You should know, Terrell obtained earlier in the overall game and did not inflict celebration, to ensure that means Owens am certain that he’d score again he held off until later (just like the situation of Joe Horn, he drawn the mobile phone on his second of 4 touchdowns that evening). That touchdown celebration might have been the finest and many original ever.

As memorable as individuals are, no-one can ignore Tony Gonzales’ “slam-dunk” within the goal publish, and teammate Johnny Mortin’s “Earthworm.” Bengal wide receiver, Chad Manley, also walked in the spotlight having a nice touchdown catch then ruling to seize his letter. Chad stands up an orange poster-board that reads: “Dear National football league, Do not fine me AGAIN.” They did, that letter that contained no vulgarity and did not hurt or offend anybody cost Manley $30,000.

For professional sports athletes $30,000 is not this type of large deal, why fine somone much for something so innocent. When the National football league will fine anybody that amount of cash, allow it to be Warren Sapp as he shakes his 300  pound “booty” after he constitutes a 1 yard touchdown grab. Nobody cares to determine that anyway. Well i guess, with professional sports athletes doing increasingly more to achieve attention, it appears as though the National football league will need to endure it or get a new method to stop it. Incidentally, can’t watch for T.O.’s next touchdown celebration to find out if he attempts to top Joe Horn’s.

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