FIFA 16: Next Gen Beckons for Football’s Biggest Game

FIFA 16: Next Gen Beckons for Football’s Biggest Game

The FIFA franchise is easily one of the most lucrative sports franchises in the world. Each year, a new FIFA is released, replete with new teams, updated fixtures and team statistics. This year’s release, FIFA 16, had many people on the edge. The reason why may not be as obvious as you might think. Most people wait with bated breath for the new trailer for the upcoming FIFA releases each year. However, over the past few years, FIFA has been touting the same features over and over again. The lack of innovation and the similar style of gameplay have allowed FIFA’s competitors to catch up.


This was the first time in many years that Pro Evolution Soccer, the biggest competitor to the FIFA franchise, actually received better reviews than FIFA. However, there are a few things that set FIFA apart from all of its competitors. First of all, it’s time to focus on the licenses. FIFA 16 has the most comprehensive list of licenses from the world of football, which means that each team is comprehensively detailed, with its logos, original names, and detailed facial expressions and playing styles.


Last year’s FIFA 15 was released on two platforms, and the heads of game development at EA talked about the limitations that they had to face in developing the game for the next generation. Maintaining a balance between the next gen and the previous gen was important, because the developers didn’t want players who owned older consoles to feel left out. However, this year, the game does not have to worry about such restraints. FIFA 16 on the Xbox 360 and PS3 uses the same engine as the previous one, while the one in this year’s generation is completely different.

The Ultimate Team

As always, FIFA Ultimate Team returned and is much better and bigger. It features a Draft Mode now, thus allowing players to start with a randomized group of players that they can manage accordingly. You will still need game coins if you want to buy newer packs and add new players to your Ultimate Team. The FIFA Ultimate Team is perhaps one of the best features in this year’s iteration of football’s biggest game. You can buy cheaper FIFA 16 game coins from Sea Gamer Mall.

FIFA 16 game coins


Microtransactions are at the heart of FIFA’s Ultimate Team. You will need at least 15,000 game coins to enter the Draft Mode, or 300 FIFA points. Either way, once you have entered the Draft Mode, you can use it as an investment of sorts to get better players, and eventually earn more money. FIFA 16 does add plenty of nifty improvements to the core gaming experience, though you will still have to pay a lot of money if you really want to play with the big guns. FIFA has really mastered the Ultimate Team concept, and it is likely to be one of the biggest attractions for avid players.

FIFA’s Ultimate Team

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