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  • Sonic-the-hedgehog-2
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    Old Ass Video Games: Sonic the Hedgehog 2

      This time we visit a game from both our childhood.  We remember when Sonic was still good. I mean I still like it, but don’t tell Henry ...

    On August 26, 2014 / By
  • CastleVanaFeat
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    Old Ass Video Games: Castlevania Bloodlines

    I take Henry into the far past of 1994 to show off a game from my own childhood. Be sure to check back with us every Tuesday and ...

    On August 19, 2014 / By
  • tetris
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    Tetris Battle Gaiden

    On a hot spring day, tensions grew high until finally a duel was declared between AJ and Henry. Their weapons: SNES controllers. Their battle ground: Tetris Battle Gaiden. ...

    On June 18, 2014 / By

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  • sims2
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    Free Sims 2 on Origin!

    You read that correctly! Right now you can get a free copy of The Sims 2: Ultimate Collection on Origin until July 31st, 2014. This version was released on ...

    On July 23, 2014 / By
  • Murdered: Soul Suspect_20140603174440
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    Airtight Games Shuts Down

    The company behind the recently released stealth-mystery game Murdered: Souls Suspect has shut down. It is always sad news when this happens. It sounds like this sad news ...

    On July 2, 2014 / By
  • dino-d-day
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    One Million Free Copies of Dino D-Day

    PC Gamer is working along side Bundle Stars to give away one million copies of Dino D-Day for free. Their reasoning? Because they want everyone to experience the ...

    On July 2, 2014 / By